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Audiology-Jobs welcomes both companies and recruiters to use our niche job site. Audiology-Jobs aims to make it easy for candidates to discover new companies and apply for open positions. On the flip side, it aims to empower companies to fill positions more efficiently.

Strategic recruiters in other industries have gravitated toward more targeted job advertisements by utilising niche job sites. Up until recently, UK Audiology didn’t really have one. Now it does and recruiters, as well as individual companies, can reach top talent without sifting through countless unqualified applications, an expensive and time-consuming process.

What is Audiology-Jobs? is an industry and location focused niche job site maintained by The Hearing Lab Store, a key supplier of audiology equipment, training, products and consumables to the UK. From a recruiter’s perspective, this level of industry focus helps to target job advertisements toward qualified candidates.

Although Audiology-Jobs will never have the quantity of traffic of Indeed or Reed, niche site postings receive higher quality and more relevant applications. Therefore, niche job sites are the fastest way to find strong candidates, leading to lower cost-to-fill.

Passive Audiology Candidates

Due to the nature of audiology roles and the demand for employees within the industry, there are many passive jobseekers potentially open to a new opportunity at any time.

There is an opportunity for employers and recruiters to actively build and manage an employment brand that attracts not only active jobseekers but passive jobseekers as well – in essence, a pipeline for future applicants!

Passive audiology jobseekers, who are often employed but might be open to a new opportunity, regularly browse the different openings that are available. It is likely that sooner or later they will fancy a move and they will probably start with companies (including recruiters) that they've come to recognise.

Finding the right match for your vacancies is important in order for your organisation to reach its goals and objectives. is a valuable resource for finding quality talent, and vital to a successful recruitment strategy.